The Lemon Juice Cure – Purifying Your Body

The last 10 days I have done the Lemon Juice Cure. In this article I want to inform you about this cure, because it caused a tremendous amount of good things to me, and because it is not a bad idea at all to try it yourself. It is quite easy – 10 days without food and driving mad of hunger. No, that’s not how it works of course. The Lemon Juice Cure is a balanced fasting cure: everyday you drink at least 2 litres of a mix of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, plus a huge amount of herbal tea and water. This specific combination provides you with all the minerals and vitamins you need during these days to continue without starving. The cure purifies your body from toxins and releases you from 5 kilos bodyweight. Toxins are often the malefactors that cause overtiredness and holding to certain undesired patterns. These toxins are not easy to get rid of; toxins accumulate slowly in your body, especially in fat cells.


Lemons are really special fruits. The juice offers special functions that are of huge importance to our body. One of these functions is that it gives a boost to our metabolism and helps to digest our food due to the sour character of the juice. Besides that the juice has a purifying effect on our body, the vitamins in the lemon juice provide a lot of energy and prevent you from taking a snack by taking away your feeling of hunger. And that is why lemons play such a crucial role in this cure. Good features I would say! Superfruit.
What I thought to be so special about this juice cure is my constant level of energy without extreme moments of exhaustiveness, while this is often the case with other juice cures. I felt brighter and more vivid than ever before. I could even say that due to this magic drink I didn’t feel any hunger (okay, except for the moments that I was on dinner parties, which is something I cannot recommend). No, it really is easy to do with a bit of motivation and incredibly good to release your body from all the toxins and leftovers of what you have been putting in it through food. In fact, you are giving your body a moment of rest, just as you go to bed every night. Your intestines have been purified by the end of the cure and are comparable to those of babies. Moreover it creates the opportunity to choose for a different eating pattern since you are released from all your physical addictions that concern food. After all your body asks for a pure lifestyle, and this is exactly what you need to keep your new weight.
For the Dutch people among us, and extensive description is to be found on this website: The Lemon Juice Cure has meant a lot to me and I’m surely going to repeat it every half a year. To stress it again: it is incredibly healthy to give your body some rest and purify it!

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