Poison in your Food

Food is probably one of the most influential and important elements in our life. Without food our body would not survive and would not be able to function as we want it to function. Quite essential, isn’t it?  On the other hand, the wrong type of food can have the same effect as not feeding your body at all – total destruction. Yet there are quite some sources of food that have this destructive effect, and from which we don’t want to use the food as fuel for our beloved bodies, do we? Finding the perfect balance between food and your body must therefore play an crucial role in our lives to support the relation to your body. Unfortunately many of the bad sources are unknown to us. The toxins that appear in that kind of food slowly accumulate in our bodies and form an increasing load which we cannot easily lose. In this article I want to announce the biggest malefactor: E-numbers. Preservatives, dyes, anti-oxidants, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, anti-foaming agents, brighteners, dough improvers, sweeteners, and modified starch. Quite a list, isn’t it? These E-numbers are added to nearly every non-organic processed product. Due to the strict regulation of the organic food industry, organic products are still free from all these nasty additions.  Also all fresh products are free form these components and completely save for use.

I will specifically write about the most prevalent and at the same time the most dangerous of the list: E621. Especially the flavour enhancers (E600-E699) are the most harmful, so be extra careful not to take these products from the shelving when you do your groceries. But let’s get back to E621: this synthetic flavour enhancer is to be found in almost every processed salty product. Some of the negative effects of this flavour enhancer are the following: personality changes, tantrums, schizophrenia, apathy, behavioural disorders such as hyperactivity, migraine attacks, palpitations, and swollen limbs and lips. Besides that it has an appetizing effect and is therefore added to almost all salty snacks. E621 is directly associated with the increasing cases of obesities and diabetes, because it encourages to excessive consumption of calorie foods. An alarm bell should be ringing by now. Doesn’t sound good at all.
But the worst is still to come. Despite of all the negative effects there is still no large-scale research done on the topic. An important reason for that is the lack of sponsoring from business: the food industry rejects all the claims that argue on the health risks of flavour enhancers on the basis of the doubtful quality of the existing studies. One big lobby we could say. Especially E621 plays a significant role in the large-scale consumption of food, because it encourages eating more and more. We could say it is all about money in the end, and the health of the people does not play a role at all. That is why I’m writing this article: to make all of you conscious about the risks and to give you the opportunity to choose products without being poisoned immediately. Please choose for an E-number-free body and leave this rubbish in the supermarket. Instead, choose for fresh and organic food. Whole food. Real food. It’s all to be found in nature.Image


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