Inspiration is the most important thing in my life. Without inspiration I would be nothing. There wouldn’t be any passion, or any interest that would make my life beautiful. Inspiration is the source of living, and then I mean more than just existing. I must admit that I use a big part of my time with looking on other blogs and browsing through books. It doesn’t matter what topics, as long as something triggers me. On this page I will share some key sources that inspire me with new ideas to create new recipes, but also inspiration for me in general. Because it all starts with passion.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

– Julia Child

Often I read other food blogs with fancy language and a specific way of writing – trendy you could call it. Most of the blogs are written in that way, and I like to read it, but for me this doesn’t work. I like a clear language, subtle, and well-thought. When I read the quote down here, I felt connected to what it said, and this is what I want.

“Take pains; write as plainly and neatly as possible – rapidly if you can, slowly if you must. Good writing affects us sympathetically, giving us a higher appreciation both of what is written and of the person who wrote it. Don’t say, I haven’t time to be so particular. Take time; or else write fewer letters and shorter ones. A neat well-worded letter of one page once a month is better that a slovenly scrawl of four pages once a week”

– J. Willis Westlake

The first food blog I started following was Green Kitchen Stories, a blog full of healthy vegetarian recipes from an inspiring Swedish couple and their sweet little girl Elsa. Once a week they post a healthy recipe, which can be anything, and they include a little picture of their life. It’s really personal and it gave me the idea of maybe starting a blog too. I definitely fell in love with their book: The Green Kitchen. The book is beautifully designed with wonderful pictures and recipes. I feel already happy while looking at it.


The second blog that is really important to me is My New Roots. The blog is all about whole foods and a passion for healthy cooking. Vegetables play the most important role in her recipes, and she provides a new and caring lifestyle for everyone. I share her conviction that foods can heel, and this is a really important part of my life. I only want to give my body from which it gets better, and nothing else.

Because of the blog Eat This Poem I finally got started with my own blog. Her style of writing and the combination of interest about writing and food made me see new possibilities in blogging. Furthermore she wrote 10 tips for blogging with soul. These concrete and helpful tips about topics, websites, and passion reminded me that whatever I will write about, people will be interested as long as I do it with soul.

My second favorite book at the moment is Veg! from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. This book is full of beautiful pictures of good and basic vegetarian food. He still uses some bread, pasta and rice – which I try to avoid – but the combinations of tastes are a good source for inspiration and he really knows how to play with herbs and seasoning. Certainly I book that I can recommend to just have in your shelves.

I will describe one more book. This book is a recipe book, but a scientific approach to what is healthy and what is not. It’s really new and absolutely interesting to read. Most these convictions on food are not new for me, but the scientific approach is. The book is called The Food Hourglass from a Belgian scientist Kris Verburgh. He is mostly interested in the influence of food on the process of aging, and not directly in creating a diet – although he did. The book is based on the latest scientific studies about nutrition and provides a new model for eating. Until now the English version is not available yet, but they’re working on it. I recommend everyone to read this book once, because it shows you in detail where we often make mistakes in our eating patterns.

Now I’ve merely talked about my food inspiration, I guess I still need to touch upon my food for thought, which also plays a crucial role in my life. Certainly I’ve chosen the right studies. The Arts and Culture program provides many very interesting viewpoints and social conflicts, but also deeply held convictions that are very much stuck in our mind without us recognizing them.

One of my most favorite books is from Umberto Galimberti, who writes about the modern mythes in such a confronting way that you don’t even manage to put he book aside. Some of his myths are the myth of happiness, the myth of sexual identity, the myth of youth, the myth of intelligence, the myth of fashion, the myth of power, the myth of growth, the myth of technology, the myth of terrorism, the myth of the market, and the myth of globalization. Well. That must raise some interest, doesn’t it? All these terms seem self-evident, but Galimberti easily proves they’re not. Or: they shouldn’t be. I can honestly recommend this book to everyone, promising that it will change your whole perspective of the world we live in.



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